Battery capacity


Foot stand for Kingsong N10
€ 10.00
Charger for Kingsong N10
54.6v / 2A
€ 50.00
Brake Lever for Kingsong N10
this is the left brake lever for front brake with integrated bell
€ 19.00
Controller, motherboard for Kingsong N10
48 volt 30A 1500W capable controller
€ 89.00
Inner tube for Kingsong N10
10"x2.50 with bent valve
€ 15.00
Drum brake for Kingsong N10
This is the full assembly for Front Drum brake for Kingsong N10 Electric scooter
€ 25.00
Front rim for Kingsong N10
This is the front RIM for KS N10 and N10 Plus complete with two bearings, but without the drum brake
€ 30.00
Kingsong N10 48v 600W Electric Motor
600W RMS 48Volt N10 Motor
€ 129.00
Kingsong N10 Suspension unit
This is NEW Suspension unit that will be needed to replace original, if your have failed.  Sometimes if you ...
€ 25.00
Kingsong KS N10 Plus
Why KingSong N10? Premium brand with lots of electric experience! This is The Best Everyday compact-sized scooter ...
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