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Front Fork plastic decoration cover for Kingsong N10
1 SET = 2 pcs left and right cover includes the reflective orange vinyl stickers!!!
€ 8.00
Battery cover for Kingsong n10
Reinforced aluminium bottom cover for battery compartment - kingsong n10 scooter
€ 40.00
Out of stock
Brake lever (right) for Kingsong n10
its only the right brake lever without the bell
€ 20.00
Brake light for Kingsong n10
can be sold separetely for 5€ each
€ 9.00
Kingsong N10 Front Fork
Front fork part for electric scooter Kingsong N10
€ 19.00
LG Battery 48v 505Wh for Kingsong N10
Original Battery for Kingsong N10 electric scooter
€ 349.00
Ask for availability
Foot stand for Kingsong N10
€ 10.00
Charger for Kingsong N10
54.6v / 2A
€ 50.00
Out of stock
Brake Lever for Kingsong N10
this is the left brake lever for front brake with integrated bell
€ 25.00
Controller, motherboard for Kingsong N10
48 volt 30A 1500W capable controller
€ 79.00
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