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Warranty Terms and Conditions

All products are QC passed at manufacturing level and are sold under warranty.
Product serial number label record and valid proof of purchase are the only certificates of our Limited Warranty.
Please keep original receipt and warranty document sheets for warranty service.
These terms apply to all brand products sold and serviced at www.smartwheels.store
unless specified differently by the manufacturing company or items sold as "Special Warranty Term"


Dear Customers,
Please carefully read and understand the warranty terms for your purchase.
The outlined warranty terms and conditions in this document apply to the products purchased and use in Europe. Terms and conditions that are in conflict to local laws and regulations will be superseded by those regulations. In the absence of clear local laws or regulations as it relates to these warranty terms and conditions, then the following conditions will dictate your product's warranty.

1. Warranty Terms
1.1 All items are generally warrantied against manufacturer's defects for a period of 2 year* after purchase (unless specified differently by the manufacturing company or items sold as "Special Warranty Term"), with the exception of the battery, tires (tube as applicable), Bluetooth and Remote Components.
1.2 The battery is warrantied against manufacturer's defects for a period of 6 months after purchase (provided proper battery maintenance procedures/instructions are followed).
1.3 The tires, tube, Bluetooth, Remote and other accessory components are warrantied against manufacturers defects for a period of 3 months after purchase.
The warranty period will be reset if the products replaced due to manufacture's defect.
If the product is repaired due to warranty issues, original warranty period remain valid. If product is repaired due to warranty issue within 30 days from the expiry date of the warranty period, a 30 day extension to the warranty period will be added.
If products are repaired outside of warranty period, 30 days warranty will be offered against workmanship and repaired parts.

2. Non-warranty terms
Subject to local laws and regulations, conditions exist that will exclude any warranty coverage
These conditions include, but are not limited to, the following:
2.1 Products purchased from a non-authorized retailer or purchasing from a retailer that is distributing the product outside their authorized market.
2.2 Damage to the product from misuse and/or neglect, accidental damage, water damage or from not adhering to the instructions in the Owner's Manual.
2.3 The product is beyond warranty period.
2.4 Improper or invalid documentation, including but not limited to lack of a warranty sheet, original invoice or discrepancies on the invoice.
2.5 Damage caused by overweight, attempting tricks or running into obstacles like curbs or walls, water or liquid damage or submerges into water.
2.6 Damages caused from improper packaging or mishandling during shipment for warranty service.
2.7 Damage or breakage not stemming from a manufacturer's defect.

3. Warranty Repair Process
3.1 Please call us to apply for warranty defect maintenance.
3.2 Products beyond the warranty period will be eligible for fee based repair.
3.3 You must take a detailed video and pictures of the defect, showing clearly what is the problem.
3.4 In the video you must show the serial number!
3.5 Send all files to our email [email protected]

4. Warranty Repair / Service for Online Orders:
4.1 Products must be sent in to our Location for Warranty Service or Repair. Once product are received we will perform required service and will ship the product back to your address. If there is any question or issues with warranty process you will be contact by out technical repair team member for required information.
4.2 All expenses must be paid by the customer to our repair location. You can contact us at +359883520045 or email us at [email protected] if you require any assistance with this process.
4.3 If during repair process if issues are found not covered under warranty you may be charged return shipping charges in addition to repair service charges. In this case products are considered as Non-Warranty-repair and will only be shipped back once invoices are paid.
4.4 The other option is: We send the replacement parts and you change them by yourself or local service.

Thank you for your purchase!

Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice. Jul 01, 2020

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